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Covaids and the Totalitarian Rape of the Mind
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The Dollar Vigilante
Published 2 months ago |
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Outro video: ARRR - CR7 knows what is best:

Intro vid: Tom MacDonald - "Brainwashed"

Dr. Fauci Song VIDEO:

Theme: VIDEO MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL:

Here is the transcript of the video:

Suspended Snopes co-founder plagiarized 54 articles for liberal fact-checking website:

Georgia Clark Video:

Daughter whose father died of Covid says he would’ve suffered more if not fully vaccinated:

AstraZeneca COVID vaccine name changed to Vaxzevria:

Officially a terrorist…

Madness - New Zealand to impose nationwide lockdown after detecting 1st local case -- in 170 days: "Do not talk to your neighbors.":;ref_url

New South Wales' Chief Health Officer Tells Aussies Not to Talk to Each Other: We Need to Limit Our Movements, Minimize Interaction with Others:

It's Happening: "No Jab, No Job" Program Introduced in Sydney; Forces Workers to Vaccinate If They Want to Make a Living:

VIDEO Airline apologizes for forcing 'petrified' autistic boy take COVID-19 test to fly home despite exemption note from his doctor:

Lambda Variant of COVID-19 Might Be Resistant to Vaccines:

Covidiot 1984 Concentration Camps in Tennessee via Executive Order No. 83:

Dystopian Nightmare: French Police Patrol Restaurants Checking Patrons' Covid Passports (VIDEO):

Tyrannical Philly Mayor Orders All Unvaccinated City Employees to Wear Two Masks Starting on Sept 1:

Thales Digital ID:

Thales ID Wallet VIDEO:

Hillary Clinton VIDEO:

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