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"THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE": Satan's Kingdom, Binding The Strongman & Demons
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Published 4 months ago |
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Welcome to The Master's Voice End Times Prophecy Blog: (Hear the words of the Lord).

Today's word: THE PROCESS OF DEMONIZATION- How do evil spirits access the house? By what means does the devil gain entry to the body/ mind/ soul/ spirit, and, once he's in, what's the cost of the fight before he leaves again? Why do we make excuses for sinful behavior as if the responsibility [and penalty for it] aren't collective? Whoever destroys this temple, God will destroy. This means exactly what it says, so let us understand our responsibility to guard our hearts, submit ourselves to God, RESIST THE DEVIL, and he will flee the house. Shalom.



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Over 10 years ago ago I received a vision of myself- dressed in white robes with a large, rough rope around my waist. The rope rose into the sky, hidden behind a cloud where God was holding it. I was at a steep cliff-edge, right at the dangerous edge, but the rope kept me from steady. In front of me was the sea. My mouth opened and turned into a very long, very loud horn, the shofar and when the horn was formed the sea got angry and lifted up as a huge wave before me, threatening to engulf the cliff. I stuck my mouth [horn] into the water and blew long, sustained blasts- LONG LORD BURSTS OF SOUND THAT BLASTED THROUGHOUT THE DEPTHS. As I blew I saw people leaping out of the sea like fish; they somersaulted in the air, over my head and landed safely on the cliff behind me, away from the steep edge. As soon as they hit the earth they were clothed in armor, arms and legs pumping away, marching in perfect formation like soldiers. They went from floating, drifting, DROWNING in the ocean in front of me, to marching like soldiers behind me. God chose me, trained me and sent me with this sound that irritates so many. I AM NOT HERE FOR CROWD-PLEASING, I AM HERE FOR SOULS. I WILL SPEAK UNTIL THOSE UNCLEAN DWELLERS (SPIRITS) IN MEN THAT HATE JESUS EITHER LEAVE THIS PLATFORM (and they will go with their captives intact), or those spirits are exposed, driven away and the freed captives stay behind to learn about Jesus and how to be a battle-ready church. YOU'LL DECIDE. I already made my choice, and the evidence of it is here for everyone to see. God bless you all. Shalom.
"Choose for yourselves THIS DAY who you will serve; as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." - (Joshua 24:15)
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