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Surface Tension (1996, PC)
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Published 2 months ago |
Surface Tension is an action-flightsim developed by Israeli company Compro Games and published by Gametek UK.

In the middle of the 21st century, a deadly disease has emerged due to environmental pollution, devastating mankind. This leads to frantic research in space travelling, ultimately enabling mankind to travel throughout the solar system. Finally, a cure for the disease has been found, a substance called Glomavine. Unfortunately, Glovamine can only be found far out in the solar system, a six week flight away from Earth, and it is too fragile to be transported to Earth. To make matters worse, spaceflight has been monopolized by a company called Lynx, and they refuse to cut down their profits in order to to have more people getting supplied with Glovamine. When Lynx takes notice that a mathematician on Mars has discovered the theoretical basis for teleportation to bring Glovamine to Earth, they send out their henchman to kill him. You take the role of a fighter pilot who needs to protect the scientist from Lynx and activate the teleportation gates that have been built.

Gameplay lies somewhere between Comanche, Descent and Wing Commander. You fly a fighter across the surface of a planet. The environment in rendered using voxels, similar to Comanche, while enemies consist of bitmaps. Similar to Descent, you can turn around in any direction while accelerating or slowing down independently. You have fights with both airborne and ground-based enemies, with common weapons like lasers and missiles.
The area you are roaming through is rather large, and you'll get your mission objectives while playing. Mission objectives require you to go to certain places, and you may activate an autopilot to get there. While the autopilot steers your ship, you can still turn around in all directions and shoot in order to defend yourself.
Your ship is carrying a probe which can be sent out if you fly close enough to the ground. The probe can take material samples, shoot and lay mines.
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