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Watercolor Rescued Pit Bull, for Beginners
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Published 11 days ago |
Just pause the video if you need more time to read anything.

It was the first dog I painted but for some reason my brain was having so much trouble with one particular eye and part of the mouth on the same side. It just wasn't looking right to me no matter how much I kept making tiny adjustments.

The eye area was beginning to get ruined. So, I decided I'm not going to throw it away. I'm going to walk away. Several hours later I returned. My brain was fresh to observe once again. I also took a cell phone photo of the dog and immediately I could tell where the problems were from looking at the cell phone photo, but not so much with my naked eye.

I'm glad I didn't give up and throw it away because twice I almost cut this up to use the back for watercolor scrap paper. No matter how it turned out I decided to push through and complete it.

I ended up having to make the better eye a bit darker than intended to better match the funky eye that I eventually corrected. These are valuable art lessons we can really learn from. Finish your painting no matter how much you hate it and learn from that. Don't be so fast to quit. Be determined to identify a problem area. This dog was taken from a photo that one of our son's friend's sent me to paint. I figured if I can do this, I'll be ready to paint some of our family dogs.

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