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Report 249 | June 29, 2021 | Exclusive! Lady Seven, Co-Founder of Natural Law Tribunal for Public Health Exposes Reasons for its Breakdoown
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Ramola D Reports
Published 2 years ago |
Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network who co-founded the Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice with Alfred Webre of NewsInsideOut last year discusses the work she did on the tribunal and the sad reality of its current breakdown culminating in a malicious program of slander against her and other judges by Alfred Webre, she reports, the resignation of brilliant judges whose voice was not acknowledged, and an atmosphere of racism and supremacism.

This is the excerpt from Alfred Webre's June 16 2021 email to Seven and Dr. Rebello which addresses the issue of not recognizing her as a co-founder of the Tribunal:

“Please understand and be reminded as stated below in the Tribunal's letter of April 25, 2021, that the Tribunal does not consider Charles Seven as a co-founder of this Tribunal. In point of fact, which Charles Seven cannot deny under sworn oath, following Tribunal Judge's sole and proprietary founding of the private Tribunal of Conscience know as the Natural and Public Tribunal for Public Health and Justice and, a URL which Judge Alfred has owned for almost 20 years when he founded the Institute for Cooperation in Space with Dr. Carol Rosin using that proprietary URL, Judge Alfred out of the kindness of his human heart offered Charles Seven, a targeted individual whom he had publicly interviewed for over 5 years, asked Charles Seven whether she "wished to be a Judge on the Tribunal". Charles Seven's response, which the truth now be known, was "Alfred, there is nothing that I can do for you and your Tribunal", and Charles Seven went back to her networking and usual way of life until the Tribunal began to gain public traction with the increasing public visibility of the genocidal plans of the public perpetrators. At that point, Charles Seven changed her decision not to associate with this Tribunal and became a Tribunal Judge. Judge Alfred, with his usual magnanimity of honest character, reoffered Charles Seven as position as a Judge on the Tribunal. That does not consist as co-founder - That is a Judge on a Tribunal, by any reasonable person's standard.”

The question of Deep State infiltration to torpedo important initiatives is discussed, as well as Ramola D's own experience with Alfred Webre, who chose to cut ties with her in the summer of 2018 succeeding false-narratives and storylines fed to him by "Dr." Katherine Horton, an Intel operative planted in the midst of human rights activism exposing Neuro/DEW Targeting & Torture & Non-Consensual Mil/Intel/Univ/Private experimentation, now worldwide, whose absurd fantasies of DEW-hits afflicting members of Techno Crime Fighters Forum were floated by her to deflect focus on the facts and truth: of her sabotage of several activism initiatives and activists' lives, agent-provocateur action, NLP-action, echo-stalking action, domination, and contamination of the TCFF non-violent focus with reckless calls to violence.

Please note: After perusal of the old emails I mentioned in this podcast, I posted a note in the video which encapsulates what occurred; Now, to elaborate from those emails a little further: Alfred Webre had at the time hoped to expand the Stop 5G Summit further in collaboration with new education initiatives with Sienna Lea, to which he had invited my participation and that of other members of TCFF and JIT; unable to assimilate that TCFF and JIT had ended thanks to Katherine Horton's mania, promoting her false-narratives of DEW-hits afflicting the members prompting team break-up, choosing to align with her duplicity and Cover Operation, demanding foolishly and egoistically that the JIT team mediate and reconcile with Ms. Horton to get his projects going while insulting us, and in particular myself, Alfred Webre therefore made it impossible to continue collaboration with him and led to my withdrawal from these future planned projects. As I stated on the podcast, there was no project he was engaged in at the time which I in any way affected; I withdrew from his Future plans involving Katherine Horton and Catherine Austin Fitts--which, it also appears, never met fruition--for very good reason: the break with "Dr." Katherine Horton was long in coming, was necessary and needed, and was not going to be "mediated" away, contrary to his misled delusions, fed by her false narratives and outright lies. His choosing to accept her lies and align himself with her sounded the death-knell to our association, by his own admission; it was his choice to align with an Intel operative, which necessarily reveals a great deal to me about his own operations.

Seven reveals in detail the information contained in her documents--an Order and Summary, which can found at or



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