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BOMBSHELL DISCOVERY: Big Pharma was adding varying amounts of active ingredient to batches of COVID vaccine - Naomi Wolf confirms
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Wake Up to Reality
Published 5 months ago |
Former Clinton adviser and COVID Vaccine critic Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on The War Room.
Naomi shared her latest bombshell from her investigation into the Pfizer vaccine documents released by the US government on their COVID vaccine testing.
Naomi’s team of investigators, doctors and attorneys identified several US government documents that confirm that Pfizer was adding varying amounts of active ingredient to their experimental COVID vaccines.
According to the data, the range of dangerous active ingredient went from 3μg, to 10μg, to 30μg, to 100μg depending on the batch they happened to inject you with.

As Naomi mentioned, this ties in directly with the website “How Bad Is My Batch” (see below for details) that was created so you could track how many adverse reaction incidents were linked to the vaccine batch you were given.

Now there is proof via American Medical Association (AMA) documents that they are distributing different doses of the active ingredient in the COVID vaccines based on batch number.
This website matches up vaccine batch codes with information from the VAERS system, which is the event reporting system run by the CDC. This site matches the vaccine batches to adverse drug reactions, death, disability and life threatening illnesses from the VAERS system.

* According to the website, the data reported in VAERS, reproduced on the site, show that adverse events triggered by Moderna batches have varied widely.
* 5% of the batches appear to have produced 90% of the adverse reactions.
* Some Moderna batches are associated with 50 x the number of deaths and disabilities compared to other batches.

Steve Bannon's War Room can be found here:
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