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Why Leftists Won't Survive the Economic Collapse
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JD Rucker
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Published a year ago

If the article below by Brandon Smith were written just a couple of years ago, it would be considered satire. It's not that anything he says in it would have been any less true then than it is now, but prior to the Plandemic there were very few people who were seriously considering the possibility of the U.S. economy experiencing a full-blown collapse. Today, the possibility is real and becoming increasingly more likely every day.

While the article and today's show discussing it are intended to highlight weaknesses inherent in leftists, it should also act as a warning to patriots who may not be as prepared as we should be. Not every patriot is currently armed. Most patriots do not have the food or other necessary resources stored away to help them through very troubling times if they come. There is, of course, the spiritual preparedness we will need in order to persevere should a real economic collapse happen, followed by a societal collapse in America.

Before, I would have lambasted anyone screaming about a future economic collapse. During the Trump years, our economy was soaring. Even during the Obama years, it seemed like we had the fiscal fortitude to weather the storm and still thrive on the other side. For the last year or so, I've joined the growing chorus of voices who are truly concerned about what's around the corner. That's why today's episode of The JD Rucker Show is dedicated to making people aware of the potential disasters we face.

Brandon Smith from Alt-Market does a fantastic job of explaining why he believes leftists will be in huge trouble if the current economic downturn becomes a full-blow collapse. As you listen to the show and read the article, take note of the areas that you could improve on as well. Nobody wants to be caught unprepared.



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