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⚡2021 will be the Year of the Reality Check. Bring back Ryan B. Hustle! Have a Prosperous New Year!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 2 months ago |
All praise to the most-high God, possessor of the Heaven and the Earth. Gen. 14:19. Let's make 2021 a Prosperous New Year, no matter what happens! A $600.00 Stimulus check, is not enough to help. Why are they holding up the Universal Basic Income? It is obvious that lock-downs are doing more harm than good. The State Governments have closed down our local businesses and locked down the citizens based on scientifically unproven reasons. How long can a virus survive in the air, or on a random object? The result of bad science is that everybody is injured. Frankly, Covid was not as bad as their cures. We are destroyed by the lock-downs, not the Covid. There is a mutated Covid, on the way to us now that could be as bad as Covid -19 was promised to be. Will harsher lock-downs make a difference? And still, their cures are a curse to us. The injections have side-effects. Now, that they have admitted this much, here's the link... 80% of People Taking Maderna Vaccine Had Significant Side-Effects. , ... mandatory injections would be a crime. Also, the injections further divide our society, causing us now to shun one another, because of a vaccine that is unproven.
These things being so, the reality check is to get used to fending for ourselves. We need to make our hobbies pay off. Presently, using eBay and ETSY are the best locations for flipping mail-able items online. Used goods are the best goods, because used goods support American Entrepreneurs! Regarding Ryan B. Hustle; It is my opinion that YouTube took down Ryan B. Hustle because he was putting out too much money making information to the masses. Like; How to publish your book on Amazon, and the location of active Bitcoin faucets. The Brother was Awesome! We need his words, wisdom, and inspiration now!
*Join me on Twitter; Urban Treasure Hunters @ProfCurtisFre #professorcurtis ~ Financial donations can be accepted through PayPal at; [email protected] Thank you! (My website) Visit and share with me here. Email me at; [email protected] Thank you!
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