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** This is how you stump a crowd of “woke” sheep into confused silence **
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Published 3 years ago |
** “The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right? Thought so. Why so quiet? Do the lives of unborn black babies not matter? I’m not really looking fr the answer to those questions.”
**Incredible video--#WhiteCoatsforBlackLives protesters get nervous when asked about unborn black lives & black lives taken by other black people.
WATCH: Do Black Lives Matter to #BLM Doctors? #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd
** Why so quiet?? - Does the lives of unborn black babies not matter?? - I’m not really looking for the answers to those questions. - #Hypocrisy #AbortionIsMurder #MurderIsMurder
** The hypocrisy of people who decry systematic racism and who scream, “Black Lives Matter” is curdling. What they mean is that only some black lives matter. Black lives aren’t intrinsically precious; some are just politically valuable.
** ALL black lives matter. Even in the womb. Millions of babies are killed WEEKLY by abortion.
** I’m waiting for equal justice. Margaret Sanger Square in NYC must be renamed. The Planned Parenthood founder was a eugenicist, racist who spoke for the KKK.
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