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The United States of America peace flag

Captured US War Flag with Admiralty (Crown / Vatican) Fringe

The United States of America original organic Government (vacated early 1860's without a word to the people)
Papist UNITED STATES Corp. governance that morphed out of a Crown foreign Government Services Corp. created under Treaty of Paris. Leadership usurped original authorizations and has operated as a land pirate in America while masquerading as if it were the original founding fathers created, We the people Government!

Talmudic Occupation Government ran out of DC by 1.3+M constitutionally banned foreign agents acting in violation of America's Organic laws of the nation, aka Sedition and Treason. Installed Talmudic law / slavery system over America supplanting original organic governance for Roman Civil Corporate (Municipal / Territorial) Governance.

The original Government for The United States of America formed by the American Body Sovereign, via organic original states Compact
The Counterfeit Papist / Crown Municipal DC de facto Corporate Government masquerading as the original founding fathers created organic Government formed by constitutionally banned foreign agents.

Vacated early 1860's, being reconstituted by We the people c. 2018 forward.
Operational through numerous foreign corporate successors since late 1860's to the present to benefit foreign powers and keep Americans impoverished and subjugated.

Guaranteed a Republican form of self Government
De facto Corporate Oligarchy, operating under Roman Civil (NWO) Government, masquerading as a Democracy secretly operated by a Shadow Government serving a One World Order Talmudic Luciferian Roman - Zionist Cult.

Government for Americans / state nationals
Papal Government for enslaved Americans classified as UNITED STATES Citizen slaves (aka Decedents aka the living dead), numbering approximately 320+M that truly believe they are subject to this illegitimate foreign DC Corporate Government when they actually are guaranteed a Republican Form of Government with all American birthrights in place...

Four Organic Acts including a states compact constitution of ONLY XIII Amendments. Compare differences here:
Corporate Charter for the DC de facto Corporate Government masquerading as if its operating under our original Organic Original Constitution for the United States. On examination is constitution of the UNITED STATES (not the states but the DC Corp. overlay STATE OF STATE Corps. ) which corporate charter was plagiarized from the original founding fathers constitution.

Peace Flag, people are subject only to English-American Common Law. We the people self Government.
Captured the American Flag (Modified East India Corp. Flag) often shown captured in a Yellow Fringe to evidence its operating under Admiralty Law

Authorized by the American body Sovereign
Illegitimate, never lawfully authorized by the people under full disclosure of all material facts. Operates violating original laws that founded the American nation states and in violation of its own limited foreign private rules and codes.

To better understand, view video's, the Act of 1871 and the East India Corp. See videos below or links opposite:

Now which Government do you think constitutionally-banned seditionist and traitor Nancy Pelosi, Schiff wants to preserve? Whose DEMOCRACY? Not the American peoples. We never created a Democracy! The Papist Rothschilds cabal created that Democracy! We created a Republican Form of Government! Remind yourself of the pledge of allegiance... (not that I believe pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth is a wise thing to do)...

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