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Published 7 months ago |

As the anti-gun crowd amps up their attack on the 2A, I want to challenge you to create gun content. It is not hard, and you don’t even need to do a full YouTube channel to get the message out. Sometimes shorter content is better to get a message out that our sport is safe and effective.

Defense Dad has another small content creator, and we talk about what it takes to be a content creator. I encourage everyone to check out his video Dangerous Places, Gun Free Zones ( it will make you think a little.

On October 30th the channel is officially 5 years old. Though I don’t celebrate it until January 1st with the anniversary of the first video. Thank you for a great first 5 years and here is to the next 5!

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Join Me Today to Discuss:

 • Myth that you need a lot of money to produce content

 • You don’t need to do a long video – People have short attention spans

 • Audio quality beats video quality but not the quality of your content

 • Balancing life and content creation


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Mantis Laser Academy takes my dryfire to the next level especially when I am traveling. Sitting in a hotel room can be boring but what is better than having fun and getting some trigger time?

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