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Video Flashback January 6, 2022 Greg Reese Report on Self-Assembing Vax Nanotech
Published 2 years ago
Greg Reese state: "Electron Microscopy confirms what official documents and patents have already told us about the Trans-Humanist agenda."
Just 1 white paper example (of many) backing this:
“Self-assembled magnetic nanomaterials: Versatile theranostics
nanoplatforms for cancer”
“Received: 1 November 2020 Revised: 7 December 2020 Accepted: 18 December 2020”
by Shuren Wang, Zhiyi Wang, Yanglong Hou"

My response to the Department of Homeland Security February 7, 2022 anti-1st Amendment edict: This video goes up because...
"When the Pfizer run FDA becomes the anti-information terrorists, THEY are the terrorists. When YOU as the US Government threat arrests and imprisonment by memo, then you had better brush up on past US Supreme Court decisions like Ex parte Young, 209 U.S. 123 (1908) 159 - 160, because YOU (you cowardly federal employees) will be personally held accountable and sent to prison for YOUR felony violations of the law and ILLEGAL TO MAKE THREATS.
Just so you know...
The graphene oxide self-assembly ABSORBS 2g, 3G, 4G, & 5G waves.
toxicmagneticnano-techself-assembing magnetic nano-materialstheranostic platforms

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