Sun Gazing DNA Repair Code
124 views • 04/08/2023

With the world as we know it going through astronomical shifts of energy, shape and form we arrive at the humble conclusion that what our eyes see is what signals the brain to perceive and create our planer reality. What if our eyes were taken out of the equation of evolution altogether and that sensory perception was diminished to a zero point with AI engine driven technology and cell degenerating frequency's? Understanding how the infusion of everyday blue light energy within screen displacement and usage leads to a shutting down of natural Cortisol, Dopamine, Serotonin and Melatonin development in our brains to a point where our eyes begin to falter and slowly go blind is the key to why the sun today is our actual savior and preserves our higher conscious value and healthier connection to our individual place on the earth.

To adapt to this growing mental disease by wearing "blue blocker" glasses and screen protectors of the same material allows us to look into the sun in small 10-20sec increments that strengthens the retina membranes in our ocular cavities to preserve our eyes and keep us connected to our natural nervous system. I'm now doing this everyday in the early morning hours and have felt a market difference in both my mental, physical and emotional body where my clarity of mind has returned and the veil of human amnesia (dissociative behavior) has stalled and begun gently fading away.

This simple energetic process has given me a great deal of hope as to how best mange the major mess we all find ourselves in today.

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