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Heavy Metal Detox: Detect toxicity levels from aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead mercury and detoxify
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Published 9 months ago |
If you’ve been unable to get answers or relief regarding your symptoms, heavy metal toxicity should at least be ruled out. The odds are you're toxic. This is the case for such a great number of the population that it should be considered first, and especially if you’ve tried everything else.

Our bodies detox naturally – foreign substances are dealt with and get pushed out of the body every moment of every day by detox systems and nutrients. What we are embarking on here is an active detox where we encourage and nudge the release of toxins, specifically heavy metals, and make sure all pathways are primed for their elimination.


We breathe toxins in, they are in our food and water, and we are immersed in electromagnetic frequencies which exacerbate toxicity, especially heavy metals. There is now a plethora of information regarding the dangers of EMFs, from the depletion of dopamine to anemia to chronic fatigue. There has been a 12,000 % increase in chronic fatigue in the past decade. When 5G goes live, which it is in many US cities now, a spike in mitochondrial diseases is predicted: autoimmunity, obesity, opiate addiction and cancer, to name a few.

The constant bombardment of frequencies – even though we can’t see them – are still keeping our brains overstimulated, especially if we don’t turn off some of the sources, and especially at night when we’re trying to sleep. This is the reason for Orgonite and other EMF protective devices.


We can actively detox fast or slow. Some may want to take it slow as some of the process can be uncomfortable if you go too fast. Others may just want to get it over with and take steps to speed up the process. Or you can simply incorporate the detox principles into your lifestyle, or any combination of these.


The information I’m sharing with you is invaluable if you plan to be disease free for the rest of your life. I say this because of this fact: it has been observed that there is a chemical or metal behind virtually every health condition, either caused by that toxin or it contributes to it. If you truly want to heal a good diet is not enough, you must purge the metals that are wreaking havoc.

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