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This Was Scary.... Anaphylaxis Struck Again. A Rough Winter Ahead?
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Published 6 months ago

(Tons of links below!) Discussion of the actual recent event begins about 10 minutes in if you're uninterested in the additional topics.

Correction: I used 5-7 Epipens per week.

I recently almost used an epinephrine auto-injector- which actually is quite dangerous for me due to the chemical stabilizers in them! (Compounded epi is not an option for me as I shake during ANA.)

This video shares the reality of unwillingly living a life on the edge, living with a ridiculous latex allergy, mast cell activation syndrome, and environmental illness (EHS and MCS), amidst the constant threat of anaphylaxis.

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How a Smart Meter Almost Killed Me:

The Small Cell Tower Stole My Grocery Store:

Regarding the Faraday bag, that video seems to have been removed online. Shocker, I know! What!?!? Helpful information, scrubbed from the Internet??

Just make a box with cardboard and tape, wrap with foil, using Reflectix tape on the seams, and you're good to go. Cheap, easy, effective.

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