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FRAUD, NEGLIGENCE AND CRIMINAL ACTS - A closer look at Pfizer's scandalous history
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Published 2 years ago
Pfizer, which provides a significant bulk of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine for Americans, has been known for its corrupt and wrong practices – with a laundry list of fraud, negligence and other criminal acts to its name.

Just over a decade ago, Pfizer paid a hefty $2.3 billion fine after pleading guilty to illegally promoting the drugs Geodon, Zyvox, Bextra and Lyrica by way of physician kickbacks and fraudulent claims.
It was one of the largest healthcare fraud settlements in history.

With Pfizer’s potential for bias and conflicts of interest, it has come to people’s attention that true informed consent requires transparency of the research and development involved in vaccine manufacturing.
Perhaps that lack of transparency is why many have now become sceptical about the COVID-19 vaccines for individuals as young as age five.

If one considers Pfizer’s long history of fraud and criminal acts, the issue of transparency becomes much more relevant.
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