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If All Americans See This Interview With Brandon Straka, Trump2020 Will Be A Landslide #WalkAway
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Published 13 days ago |
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See Full Episode: #WalkAway Campaign Founder Brandon Straka Talks About Meeting President Trump Last Night

Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway Campaign, is a former liberal and former Democratic Party supporter who has very publicly walked away from the political left and created a social movement encouraging others to do the same. His original YouTube video about his decision to leave the Democratic Party went viral in May of 2018, launching this explosive movement, uniting Americans across all demographics to leave the divisive left.

Brandon frequently provides commentary on Fox News as a recurring guest on Justice with Jeanine Pirro, Fox & Friends, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and many more. His hour long, in-depth interview with Mark Levin on Life, Liberty, and Levin exposed millions to Brandon Straka and the #WalkAway Campaign. Brandon also provides conservative commentary for numerous television media outlets.

President Trump publicly acknowledged Brandon’s success in organizing the first ever #WalkAway March on Washington DC, with over 5,000 attendees. Brandon’s charismatic leadership and the #WalkAway message of unity and standing up against the left’s attack on American ideals resonate with people around the globe.

Born and raised in rural Nebraska and now a resident of New York City, Brandon Straka travels the nation promoting the #WalkAway Campaign message and sharing his desire to bring a new awareness and understanding to the reality of politics in America today and his mission to unify America.


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