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A Fake News report, a False Flag on 8/26 ignited "Demonstrations" in some cities, including Oakland!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 6 months ago |
Fake news caused a mini riot in Oakland. People from
OUT-OF-TOWN, came to Oakland, damaged businesses, and costed the local
residents money, time, and resources, on August 26, 2020. The suspects
that the police arrested were not from Oakland. We were set-up. The
actions of the "out-of-town-mob" were planned in advance. Nomadic mobs
are travelling up and down the west coast, wreaking havoc, without
consequences. Someone is empowering this, and we the people are their
victims. What is the solution for this Shit?! ~Here is the link to the
story from our local news station;
~ Here is the story from Zerohedge; "Any Excuse To Riot" - Minneapolis
Descends Into Chaos Over Police Shooting "Fake News" ~ Here is the
~ Here is some of the story; Violence erupted once again in the larger
of the twin cities last night, with video showing angry
"demonstrators" burning down businesses, rioting and looting,
following "Fake News" about the killing of a black homicide suspect.
Rumors spread online said he had been killed in a police shooting, but
really, he shot himself in the head, according to surveillance video.
Before watching the video below, be advised: It depicts a man shooting
himself in the head, before a nearby officer rushes to his aid. Then
off camera, bystanders can be heard accusing the cops of shooting the
man It later emerged that the man shot himself in the head as police
were moving in to make an arrest. He had committed the murder just
hours earlier, at around 2 pm local time in a nearby parking garage...
~ Here is my summary; The powers that be are pushing the buttons that
set people off. Hold your peace, double-check the facts and act upon
the truth that you have found for yourself, not the rumor. In some
cases, the truth is worse than the rumor, and that is why it is better
to look deeper into a story, before throwing your emotions into it.
Lies are easily spread and rarely are the news stories that we hear,
looked into. Be informed, not led into reacting. Thank you! ~ Prof.
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