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Published 2 years ago |
** Metatron’s Cube OPINION: -This Lock Down is a political tactic that is incorporating the use of lockdowns to keep the economy closed until after the 2020 elections. Pushing the continuation of this false narrative of closing our economy will allow two outcomes for the Deep State. 1) To push for a Fraudulent Mail-In Ballot election process. 2) Continue to cripple the U.S. economy by attacking the American Middle-class business infrastructure.
- Yes wearing facemasks may keep viruses from being inhaled or exhaled to each other but the Wuhan/China/Corona/Covid-19 virus is no more deadly than the Common Flu, which never required us to discriminate against people who have decided not to use them. Studies now verify the virus easily passes through the mask membrane because of its smaller size molecule.
-Boycott businesses requiring facemasks now. The boycotting of these stores should have been started decades ago when the Deep state initiated their move to offshore businesses and manufacturing mainly to China due to their cheap slave labor, and thereby initiating their goal, the eventual economic collapse of the U.S. To present day the Silent Majority Sheeple continue to purchase Chinese made goods at their favorite Big Box Stores. Boycott! NOW!!!
- The American people have grown to accept the convenience of large Big Box stores, such as Walmart, Costco, Target and others that have negatively affected U.S. Mom and Pop businesses economically. They are conveniently placed everywhere for we the Sheeple. The Middle-Class consists of Mom and Pop small businesses. The American Middle-Class economic strength has been fleeced by Globalist Democrats that have Off-Shored American companies to China. The Big-Box stores reap in the profits from our Middle-Class while collaborating with the Globalists towards America’s downfall.
- Allowing the Globalist/Deep State/Democrat/BLM/Antifa/Marxist agenda to gain control of our country once again, should President Trump not win in 2020 elections, will be the final nail in the coffin of the United States of America. It is now well known that their agenda is of a Socialist/Communist nature that will place known Conservative Patriots in a Panopticon style prison similar to that of the censorship system that is now controlling the people of China.
1Patriots will be treated like traitorous Globalists should be treated now for the insurgent actions they have been committing against our Constitutional Republic. The shoe will be on the other foot, if the Silent Majority doesn’t stand up and take action now. The Deep State will prosecute and imprison Patriots who are for the Constitution, unlike President Trump who has hesitated to do the same to insurgents and traitors to present day. Despite their illegal attempts to overtake the current Trump administration, Globalist are allowed to run freely to continue to create havoc and anarchy to reach their Globalist/Marxist/Socialist/Communistic/Fascist goals of destroying patriotic America.
- There may never be a time for the Sunshine Patriot to take his head out of the sand and enjoy the victory of those who are currently fighting for our Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Without battle, how can there be any sort of victory and without a victory, against the evils that surround us, we will surely be defeated.
- Although the real Bio-Weapon has yet to be released, they are taking the first step towards mentally driving us to comply with their control over us by using fear and false data of the China/Covid-19 deaths. Already there is evidence that the globalist have deceived the American people by contaminating the tests with the Chinese Coronavirus. There is also evidence that they are administering the bioweapon vaccine into the tests also.
- STOP WASTING TIME AND MONEY. If you had any sort of flu shot, you have been infected with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 virus, but not the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus Nano Bio-Weapon. Everyone who has had a flu shot will test positive for the Coronavirus/Covid-19 viruses. There could be millions just within the population of the United States. Testing is but a hoax to fear monger the masses into requiring mandatory vaccinations. The only way to control this so called Pandemic is to administer medication, such Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, to those who show symptoms of the Flu. Any company or person promoting the testing is just trying to deceive you from what is really happening behind the curtain. The vaccine may be administered in the Covid-19 virus test kits that have been distributed throughout the country. It won’t be long before vaccines will be administered through a mist spray such as FluMist, which is alrready being used for Influenza.
-5G technology will activate all 3 Coronavirus types. 1) The Coronavirus which is the Flu virus that many people have been vaccinated with throughout the planet. 2) The Covid-19 virus
th at is the hoax vi -Cont'd
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