102222 Honey Austen says Covid Genocide was Expected By God
128 views • 10/23/2022

Honey Austen asks: Did You Know God Expected the Genocide Jab? Trans-humanism, as in the days of Noah has reared its ugly head again, be it differently, in now prevalent in our time. Swapping links in our DNA, in His Temple, with polluted garbage was not new to God. He knew Satan’s heart, his evil ways, and the gullibility of the human race.

As foretold in the Bible, but not the way we all expected. Everyone knows that Satan and his horde are sneaky, two faced and double handed. We did not see this coming any better than the Jews did when Jesus came the first time. We all, then and now, knew what the Words of God said, but none of us were expecting it to play out as it did. Fortunately, God did! He is a jealous God when it come to His children and His creations. This, my sweethearts, is a mixed blessing; the sorrow, grief, and pain that come from the crashed economy, a possible ww3, and the horrid genocide jab effects, but also announces shortened days of pain for His Saints, the Faithful, but also the soon return of our savior.

Watch the following video to understand fully:

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