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Published a year ago
Informative conversation with James Roguski, researcher and activist, on the recent vote by the WHO health assembly to ok revised amendments to the IHR 2005 which were rustled up suddenly to replace the earlier proposed US Govt amendments which would have ensured WHO could have dictatorial powers over all nations. Especially concerning was the less than 48 hours clause permitting WHO to pronounce pandemics worldwide while giving nations only a brief time to agree. The IHR 2005 is concerning enough, and gives power away to the WHO at every level anyway...

Looming ahead however is the Pandemic Treaty to be drafted and finalized by the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body, James notes, and so it is time for everyone worldwide to pay attention to what is going on and speak out to governments to stop the WHO's fascist push to rule over all nations.

We discuss who makes up the WHO, who influences the WHO, and how NGOS which include drug companies and foundations like the Gates one seem to run the WHO.

Health itself is such an individual matter and for large pharma-funded bodies to impose vaccines on all when each of us has cultural approaches to health is surely ridiculous -- something we all need to wake up and defend.

Fascism from international bodies will stop when people worldwide deny consent. To learn more about this pandemic treaty and take action to protect your own and your nation's sovereignty, please visit and James Roguski's Substack where he is posting key information on a regular basis.

Also see my coverage at; I take a slightly different view to how to stop global fascism but we both agree that Denying Consent is the way forward. Oh, and ending Media's hypnotic hold on the mind--just shoot your television!
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