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Published 3 years ago
These are the very last days! Run to Jesus Christ now! JESUS IS COMING, WAKE UP NOW!!! WE ARE OUT OF TIME!!! RAPTURE IS NEAR!!! WAR IS IMMINENT!
--- RAPTURE DREAM, POWERFUL MESSAGE! --- Biden Top Priority Renew Iran Nuclear Deal -- Covid-19 vaccine is the Mark Of The Beast(Hellfire) --- The Good Shepherd --- Here it Comes, Are you ready --- 33 and the sign of success ( 666 ) -- And finally the Holy Spirit in action.

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Below are instructions on how to get saved and salvation prayer. Our Lord Jesus Christ loves you.
All the world events, fulfilled prophecies, wolrd events and signs in the skies have proven the fact that we have reached the end of days.
You have no time left and you really DON'T WANT TO BE WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE DECISION IN YOUR LIFE !! God is REAL, Heaven (new Jerusalem) is REAL and Hell is REAL TOO! You are a spiritual being having an earthly experience. Those who can WAKE UP will be saved (RAPTURE) before the disasters. But others that will wake up and TURN TO HIM in repentance during Tribulation WILL BE SAVED TOO, but at their own life's cost. If you have decided to TRUST on technology and "modern world" or men you are going to have a rude awakening to the REAL reality.

If you do not have any personal relationship with our God, you do not have your name in the Book of Life. As this means you ignored or rejected God and His AMAZING sacrifice and offer of His ONLY begotten Son to die for your sins to SAVE you.

God does NOT send anyone to hell, everybody chooses by themself to go there if they do not want to hear from God. Hell is a place prepared for satan and his minions and followers inside this rock, it was never prepared or intended for humans, that is why God has removed all the Godly attributes from hell (Joy, Love, Goodness, sleep, Peace, quiet and anything positive). There is ONLY evil and suffering beyond imagination.

All you need is to repent of your sins and pray Jesus to forgive you those sins with all your heart and surrender your life to Jesus, let him guide and protect you.

Trough FAITH in JESUS-CHRIST (Yahushua HaMashiach) is the ONLY way to get saved.

SALVATION PRAYER (with sincere heart)
Dear Jesus,
I acknowledge I am a sinner and I repent of all my sins (enumerate all those you can think of)
I pray that you will forgive me for all of my sins and come into my heart to be The Lord of my will, heart and life
and my SAVIOR. I believe and confess that you died on the cross to save me from my sins and I am committed to turning away from those sins.
I ask that you fill me with your Holy Spirit so that I can be born again.
Wash my sins away with your blood and make me as pure white as snow. Put a hedge of protection around me as I go forth in doing your will. Thank you Jesus for saving me, as I know that only through my faith in You this is possible.

"Rakas Jeesus Kristus, tunnustan, että olen tehnyt syntiä Sinua vastaan, ja se on rikkonut yhteyteni Sinuun. Kadun sitä kaikkea ja pyydän anteeksi kaikkia syntejäni ja apua sinulta kääntyäkseni pois synneistäni.
Kiitos Jeesus, että kuolit syntieni tähden, kiitos Isä, että hyväksyt minut Jumalan lapseksi ja annat minulle uuden elämän ja pyhän Hengen ja uuden sydämen. Ja nimeni kirjoitetaan elämän kirjaan.
Otan sinut, Jeesus, vastaan Pelastajanani, Vapahtajanani ja elämäni Herrana. Johdata minun elämääni tästä eteenpäin, auta minua, suojele minua ja pelasta minut Taivaan Valtakuntaan.
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