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The Cover-Up of Jackson
Published 2 years ago
It is abundantly clear to us that Walter Jackson, former Assistant Chief Constable for the South Yorkshire Police (SYP) has been, and continues to be, protected by the powers-that-be for his major part in the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster, with the death of 96 Liverpool Football supporters and hundreds of them injured.

We know the corruption extends well beyond South Yorkshire Police – into the halls of parliament and into the judicial courts.

What former SYP press officer Andy Hymas knows, as a first-hand witness, is damning. Hymas knows that, if exposed publicly, his testimony if told truthfully, has the potential to rock the nation to the core, and probably bring down the government and inflict a fatal blow to the integrity of the police service, and the entire judicial process. That’s how big the Jackson cover-up is.

"The Cover-Up of Jackson" exposes major players; gives an account of the events of the day, and describes a personal encounter between Andy Hymas and myself, Tony Farrell, former SYP Principal Intelligence Analyst, where he gave testimony to me on what he witnessed that day.

First, Hymas was one of the many who saw first-hand the terrible events in the stadium. Second, he is one of the few who actually witnessed woeful Walter Jackson wriggle and worm his way out from under a table.

The corresponding article to this video is on, entitled "Witnessing Walter":

The Hillsborough Ripple Effect documentary film reveals, in the starkest terms possible, the real motives behind the disaster and the cover-up:

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