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WHAT IS AN MRE Plus Unboxing Video Commentary - MYSTORY Nr38
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Published 7 months ago |
WHAT IS AN MRE Plus Unboxing Video Commentary - MYSTORY Nr38
Meal Ready To Eat Explained And Ingredients Unboxing

Military rations and civilian food rations are nice.
How to MRE food video with nice blog post content.
Military civilian can food Meal Ready To Eat off Amazon.
Not Steve MRE but by me and not 100 years old food.
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The Main Content Section Of This Post


Hello World, Hello Viewers!
I made many videos but today this show, series of videos, blog posts and stuff has reached new heights in quality.
In this new amazing MRE video and blog post I try to give my impressions of MREs at its best to my fellow viewers.


Due to the fact that I try to make every type of content possible I decided to make an MRE video that did not even contain a little bit of gaming aside from the intro which always contains a short scene that I made with a game that I made with and engine.
In this post and video on my pages I unboxed a quasi-military survival ration with the little drawback that this ration was apparently assembled for prepping and stuff.
In future videos I will get my hands on a real 100 percent military ration in hope that normal people can also digest army food.


I am super sorry for using the word prepping but I have to because I larp…
I mean because I love.
Survival food is an amazing thing and this post will definitely not be the last one.
I am super tuned for the MREs that contain chemical agents that can be activated to create large amounts of heat to make the content of a pack better for consumption.
Or as normal people call it: warming up food.


In the end of the respective video of this post there is some slightly edited preview footage of the outdoor eating or quasi-cooking sequence I filmed for the next video.
I know that it might contain some ASMR like vibes but that might be epic for some people.
I thought that the perspective was relatively nice considering the fact that this is the first outdoor footage I ever showed on my channels.


These rations are apparently good for so called SHTF scenarios and BUG OUT but I don’t know that means because I totally cannot use search engines.
I must say that the unboxing of such rations if quite fun and entertaining.
It might be a nice entertaining thing for people to prepare these rations.
I for sure love to see what’s inside these magic packages.


I like the fact that I used normal kitchen and eating utensils like a butter knife to prepare the MRE’s content.
I also want to herby beg for feedback.
I appreciate likes on my content to get supported by likes so I can make more MRE videos.
I will for sure also build my own farm for MREs if I can.
Which I can’t.
Please consider sharing my content and following me on all of my pages because I have many of them.
I need comments, many comments if you want to drop many.
I always encourage readers and viewers to read my other posts and watch all of my videos on unlimited and infinite loops so I can acquire eternal watch-time and views without effort.
That was a joke although I appreciate some genuine content engagement.
Alligator-Snail-Hybrid-Creatures are very dangerous so don’t get consumed by one of them.
If you wonder where the hell this comes from, feel free to read the ending of my previous post.
You won’t get any explanation there either.
Happy larping I will join the party when I get my nuclear bunker which I won’t if I can’t manage to get enough free cookies (I mean like my content please).
Yours Sincerely,

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