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A "Bench Clearing" Brawl
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A Warrior Calls
Published a year ago |
John B Wells with John B. Christopher James and Gabriel Proulx.
Published Date: Sep 28, 2021 on

Christopher James

Christopher’s insights have been activated to the point of him realizing ; “The Bar” to which our legal professionals are called to, may not be set as high as we think and that wizards are not the only mythical characters wearing robes. The deck is indeed stacked. Our very own courtrooms themselves are operating as a house of Bar cards dealt from the bottom of the deck… all to merely enable the greatest “card trick” since the dawn of mankind.

Gabriel Proulx

An honorary Texan and a proud alumnus of the Laredo Bucks professional hockey team. Gabe is now a law man who works within the criminal justice system. As an Ontario Provincial police officer, (much like a state trooper) he has taken an Oath. As a former Canadian Forces member, he has taken an oath. And as an ex- pro hockey player he’s given and taken more than a few; hits, punches, slap-shots, stitches and cuts, he’s even spent some time in the penalty box, but never like this before. This time he’s the one blowing the whistle not the referee.

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