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Coronavirus: Natural Treatments & Updates In 6 Minutes! Denial? Preparation? Development?
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Cory - Nature Is The Answer
Published a year ago |
Please, let me know YOUR tips & insights in the comment section below. I'm sure there is always SO much to talk about, and SO much is always going on! Everything can change dramatically through time, especially as summer hits certain places, and travel changes, laws are put into place. However, this is a friendly reminder, to still take charge of your health no matter what!
Transcript (WITH LINKS):
Some quick updates on the coronavirus you must know and won’t hear on the mainstream media, this is my 4th update! So some think the media is blowing the virus up out of proportion, I'm here to tell you.. it's their job but they ALWAYS do. Either way, they will NEVER provide you with the tools you need to get through the virus. And the most ultimate tool is your IMMUNE SYSTEM, because the vaccine will take A LONG time to even create (despite Israeli advancement). Ex-FDA lead said it's already too late for the U.S. We still have air travel and road travel, Trump will have to declare national emergency. We already see mini-martial law being declared in New York. Cases of the virus ALL THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. To anyone saying this is nothing different from the flu, look at the transfer rate, the projections being shown EVERYDAY (Here's an example spreadsheet predicting ), the alternative AND mainstream news... this accidental release by a BSL-4 Lab is a classified "Bioweapon" for a reason, it spreads more than it kills, making it even more deadly. Some say "oh it's just the flu, the flu kills more people", yeah but the MEDIA does with it's propaganda, and it's actually wrong lifestyle choices that lead to the MOST deaths EVER. It's truly sad people will use their excuses when it STILL KILLS MANY PEOPLE. Every projection is AT LEAST 1+ Million! I also find it truly sad when people look for statistics, when people should be wanting to PREPARE NO MATTER WHAT (and for changes in the economy). There's a reason why I said "NO EXCUSES" in my video, people carry on everyday not caring about their health, the food they eat, or even the POTENTIAL of bad things happening in their life; no wonder why people resort to belief systems, and the power system won't let a good crisis go to waste. Wake up and take control of your health, your mindset, your life NOW! This is not to say be paranoid, just be aware and always take some action steps that you KNOW won't hurt because it's better to have it than need it. More people will die from starvation than the virus or economy collapse itself if everything keeps going the way it is. Are you dependent on antibiotics, drugs, vaccines? Then clearly, you are not using your INDEPENDENT IMMUNE SYSTEM that does it all for you in it's nature when utilized. Most people don't CARE, and that's what makes it worse about EVERYTHING in our world; it's the "seventh" natural law principle that binds all the other principles together. If you care, do something. If you don't care, then you will probably not do anything; until something comes to you, in which case, it's either too late or that something takes care of you. YOU take care of yourself and others, WE all need it, the world relies upon it. New research on Rosemary, Acidophilus (Probiotics), Oil of Oregano, Spirulina, Licorice Root, Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Elderberry and of course Vitamin D as I previously reported the deficiency which is most of everybody especially in the northern hemisphere getting literally none, can help with 50% of ALL disease. You can get blood tests right now while you can, you may get inspected by a Naturopath or Functional medicine practitioner. More research and talk about Iodine, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide and Colloidal silver; making them potentially into a spray for the whole body, and into full-face masks and of course always more info coming out about the great effect of Vitamin C = think vitamin c, the c for coronavirus. Remember that vitamin c is also the main treatment for sepsis which I covered is responsible for 20% of all deaths worldwide and has flu-like symptoms a lot like the Coronavirus. Watch my other videos to stay informed, they cover much of everything I’m seeing, so make sure you subscribe for more updates as well. More info:
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