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Steve Quayle joins Mike Adams to discuss UFOs, Mars, ancient aliens and the satanic war on humanity
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Published 3 years ago
For more details about the Satellite phone discussed, please visit here:

Steve Quayle joins Mike Adams to discuss UFOs, ancient aliens and the WAR on CHRISTIANITY and TRUTH

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Steve Quayle talked about people reporting UFO sightings and strange creatures and the many articles about aliens building pyramids before the Aztec Empire.

Quayle also talked about the false narratives about the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and the desire of its makers to destroy the lives of 70 percent of the American population. He proceeded to discuss the controlled narrative and the controlled release of a bioweapon – SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 – quoting Chen Ping, who said that China defeated the West in biological war.

According to Quayle, we’re watching the war on Christianity and the war on truth. He said that he was astonished at some of the biggest ministries in the Christian world telling their followers to take the vaccine.

Quayle also talked about a takeover from within, which he said was already underway, noting that Canada and parts of the United States were controlled by China.

Before the interview, Adams mentioned a satellite phone that is about to be launched. For more details about that satellite phone, please visit
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