090522 Honey Austen says Grow 22 Easy, Edible, Stealth Perennials, + 1 Non-Edible Perennial Necessity
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Honey Austen says Grow 22 Easy, Edible, Stealth Perennials, + 1 Non-Edible Perennial Necessity 

I, Honey Austen, have never had ‘anyone’ realize that the plants growing in my front yard are edible, yet all but one are. That one is included in this video for a reason that I will share at the end of the video.

I am alphabetically posting only pictures and names of the many plants we grow here in our zone 6-7 garden, located in the high desert of Nevada, as I continue to explain in generalities about them.

I grow an urban stealthy, edible, perennial garden in my front yard. Many of you may be able to do so even with your

Their beauty, when the plants are in flower, makes people think that these are not easily obtainable or are only useful as decorative plants. Keep your eyes peeled for the ones that are 100% edible; flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, roots, and all. Others only offer a part or two; their leaves, roots, stems, or blossoms. I give you medicinals, beverages, spices, and items to prepare entire balanced meals. Some are so prolific that you can harvest an abundance on a regular basis. Most are edible fresh and dried, which helps with long-term benefits, harvesting, and storage. Many work well in hanging baskets, containers, as well as grown directly in your soil. You might see them growing alongside the highway or you may already have some in your yard and consider them to be just weeds.

You can be benefiting from vitamin and mineral sources, herbs and spices, medicinal wonders, and salad fixings. Some will be ready to harvest within a few months, others in a couple of years.  These are better than any pills, if you begin ASAP.
In a survival situation where rationing and shortages are the norm, which could strike us at any moment, these unassuming plants can be so vital, as to saving your very lives. (Just remember to harvest in the middle of the night, quietly, LOL.) Little windows have big eyes!

There is a multitude of information about these plants on the internet, thus I will not be going into all of their benefits. Research them for yourself and consider growing them now so you’ll have these valuable resources at your disposal when (not if) a disaster scenario develops.

Now for that one plant that is not edible but is a necessity in a preppers garden. Bouncing Bet is soapwort… with beautiful soft pick to stark white flowers on a thin stock, that can make plenty of soap suds for washing your hair, body, clothing, dishes, basically everything, just by swishing the stems and leaves in a tub of warm water.

There you have it.

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