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Doraemon - Yumedorobou to Nana-nin no Gozans (1993, Mega Drive)
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Doraemon - Yumedorobou to Nana-nin no Gozans (ドラえもん 夢どろぼうと7人のゴザンス, Doraemon - The Dream Thief and the Seven Gozans) is a platformer developed by Sega, G-Sat, Nexus Interact and Winds. It was published by Sega (in Japan) and Samsung (in Korea). It was not released outside of Asia.

A alien thief has stolen the dreams of children, including Nobita's and his friends'. Doraemon flies off with his take-copter after the thief in order to get them back. The thief has put the dreams inside seven balls, each hidden inside a different world and protected by a guardian.

The game has two different modes, normal and "fun". The latter has the same level themes, but the levels have a different structure. The levels are shorter and easier, and enemies cannot hurt Doraemon, unlike normal mode.
Doraemon has an energy blaster whose normal shots will paralyze enemy in the spot, even in midair. Paralyzed enemies can be used as a platform. Doraemon can also grab and throw them in this state. Normally, touching an enemy will cause you to loose a life. The blaster can also be charged for a powerful shot which will kill enemies. Doraemon can also run or cower to charge for a very high jump.
Collecting enough stars will give you an extra-life. Touching a large star with a number will increase a star meter. If the meter reaches 77, you will enter a bonus round immediately. Some extras can be found. For example, the "copy robot" will create a second Doraemon who will mimic all actions of the original, and the take-copter will enable Doraemon to fly.
At the end of each level, there is a boss fight which is a game of rock-paper-scissors. Whoever scores three points first, wins the fight. After choosing rock, paper or scissors, both players choose a direction (up,down,left,right). Only if both players have picked the same direction, the player who one the rock/paper/scissors comparison scores a point.
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