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John the Baptist: The Secret Messiah. The Mandaeans and the Johannite Tradition
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Sergeant Schultz
Published 2 years ago |
The Clementine Recognitions (1.54, 1.60), describe how the disciples of John felt that he was the Christ:
"Yea, some even of the disciples of John, who seemed to be great ones, have separated themselves from the people, and proclaimed their own master as the Christ. But all these schisms have been prepared, that by means of them the faith of Christ and baptism might be hindered."

"And, behold, one of the disciples of John asserted that John was the Christ, and not Jesus, inasmuch as Jesus Himself declared that John was greater than all men and all prophets."

In John 8:48, Jesus is accused of being a Samaritan magician in control of a demon:

"Then the Jews answered and said to Him, “Do we not say rightly that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?” Jesus answered, “I do not have a demon; but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me. And I do not seek my own glory; there is One who seeks and judges.”

Note: Jesus doesn’t deny being a Samaritan, but only having a demon. The Samaritans were associated with witchcraft. The Babylonian Talmud also named Jesus a sorcerer who studied magic in Egypt (just as Simon in the Clementines). When Jesus finally returned, he was a highly educated young man full of heterodox ideas. In The Babylonian Talmud, specifically in Tosefta Shabbat 104b, we find an obscure figure by the name of “Ben Stada” or “Ben Sattadai” who is said to have had the “witchcraft of Egypt” (i.e. magic spells) tattooed on his flesh. (Scholars have identified Ben Stada as Jesus)

There are still followers of John the Baptist - the MANDAEANS. They say this about Jesus:

* John the Baptist is the true Christos
* Jesus was his disciple. But he became a traitor and changed and perverted the holy teachings. The Mandaeans call him a liar, a false prophet, a magician.
* Jesus was a planetary incarnation (Venus morning star) sent by the Archons to mislead humanity.
* Salome was a follower of Jesus and had John killed with Jesus' knowledge.

From a Gnostic Perspective (Ralph Maucher )
* John was an angel incarnate
* Jesus was a Pseudo-Christ
* The demons of Jesus tried to traumatize John by imprisonment and beheading in order to transfer the karma of Jesus (=the magician) to John (=true Christos).

In our matrix world, ALL exits are controlled by gatekeepers. Of course also the religious vanishing points after death. Why should Baphomet just let 2 billion Christians go who are supposed to be saved by their faith in Jesus? Why should only the New Age be soul-catching, but denominational Christianity not? The true Christians, the Gnostics, were successfully eliminated. Jesus usurped the CHRISTOS-LOGOS and appropriated it for himself. This is the best kept secret on this planet. We worship a corpse on the cross as a symbol of God as invincible life. Truth is thereby successfully turned into the opposite and perverted.

"The Mandaic Book of John:"

Watch: "Jesus was a Usurper"

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I read in this german blog ( about the role of Odin for all mankind in the end times. His contribution to our liberation is said to be crucial. It is mentioned that the only ones who would have a chance for ascension would be those in Buddha and Odin (of all gods). Not the ones in Jesus interestingly, but those who are in the Christos-Logos. Odin's connection to John (of all saints) and Merlin provides him with divine guidance from the Most High. In the end he shall even kill Leviathan, the demonic Oroboros around our solar system, and thus free mankind. HAIL ODIN! HAIL MERLIN! HAIL JOHN THE BAPTIZER!

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