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Dr. Lee Merritt joins the Health Ranger to discuss vaccine MIND CONTROL and medical MADNESS
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Published 3 years ago
Dr. Lee Merritt and Mike Adams discuss vaccine MIND CONTROL and coronavirus CONSPIRACY

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Dr. Lee Merritt of talked about the dangers of taking the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine as news emerged that four vaccinated British Airways pilots allegedly died of blood clots recently. She noted that those pilots are young, healthy guys. Adams added that young and healthy men are also being diagnosed with heart inflammation called myocarditis after taking mRNA vaccines.

The two also discussed the psychology behind the mad rush to have everyone vaccinated. Dr. Merritt said there’s likely a psychologic operation that made American people have their children take an experimental vaccine. Adams quoted Dr. Peter McCullough, a renowned cardiologist, who said his fellow doctors who are promoting vaccines even to pregnant women “are in a TRANCE, as if they have been HYPNOTIZED.”

Dr. Merritt proceeded to talk about how highly trained medical lab people in the United States and around the world were doing 40-45 cycles on PCR tests while the right range should be between 25 and 35 cycles. She said that they either had a collective "brain fart" or were told by higher power to not do the right thing. That's not coincidence, Dr. Merritt said, but a CONSPIRACY.

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