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Published a year ago |
Lynn discusses Dr. Jane Ruby’s recent sharing of Pfizer recently released documents plus information from other researchers. Evidence is now being presented that shedding from the vaxxed is not spike proteins but grapheme. So what can you do about it? See this blog on our website—the most current blog titles are on the right side of the home page. You can scroll down the blog page to all the titles that have been done. Be sure to see our many videos, FAQs, testimonials, blogs and free reports on our website. And find out how you can save 30% in March, 2022!
If you click on "Shop' on the Home page you will then have the choice of "Products.' When you go to that page you will see the many Plasma Energy Solution products as well as the videos that are being created to explain about each product. Thanks for giving us a thumbs up and sharing this video with others. And, if you'd like to know when we put up more videos make sure to hit the subscribe button. We do watch for your comments if you care to leave one.
Disclaimer: It is your right to educate yourself, to seek helpful information and to make use of it for your own benefit for you and your family. You are the one responsible for your health in using Never Ending Plasma Energy water and products. The views of others and suggestions are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical assistance. If you have any severe medical conditions you need to speak with the physician of your own choice.

We are not medical doctors; we are plasma energy scientists. We do not claim to cure diseases but simply to help you make physical and mental changes in order to help change conditions in your body. Plasma Energy Solution Association is a private membership association and a subsidiary association of Jump4Joy Ministry MZ0000-140559-120019, a private membership association under Grantor Trust 983142-341348-041035. The only membership requirement of purchaser is to use, enjoy and benefit from the Never-Ending Plasma Energy Solution Products and share with others if you wish.

Background music was Lynn's unintentional mistake in not turning the channel off while doing her recording. There was no intention to use someone's copywritten product.
There was no intention to use someone's product. Credit for the music is given to 528 Hz ✦ Positive Energy Frequency ✦ Happiness Vibes [ FEEL GOOD ] Emotional & Physical Healing Awakening Planet. Having said all this, Lynn does enjoy listening to this music many days of the week.
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