D.Buzz Features : TIP with Buy me Berries
0 view • 09/05/2021
Through the D.Buzz integration with https://buymeberries.com/, you can send any author of a Buzz a direct tip along with a comment.

When you're scrolling through the Buzz's and you see a Buzz you wish to send a tip to, look on the right hand side you will see a drop-down "V". If you click this you will see a few options pop up, one of which is for "tip". Click "tip" and you'll be brought to the https://buymeberries.com/ web page. It is on this page that you could then specify a tip amount that you wish to send along with an optional comment. In addition you can also see who else supported this author, and any updates the author provided.

Additional Points:
Keep in mind you are sending HBD (Hive Backed Dollars) and not HIVE tokens (*there may be a price difference).
D.Buzz does not keep any of the tip sent nor does D.Buzz maintain this tiping service.
3% of the sent tip is sent to @buymeberries, the owner of the service.
D.Buzz Features :
The D.Buzz Features Video series is focused on short videos for all the different features on D.Buzz. These videos are to be used for our community in referencing features and to address "how to" questions.

Should you have any questions or suggestions not listed in the video, please add them below in the comments or reach out to us on Discord.

Thank you for being part of our community.
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