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Masonic illuminati "OPERATION SLOW DAGGER" Mind Control EXPOSED 2022
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Matrix Sentinel (FisherOfMen)
Published 3 months ago |

ILLUMINATI MASONIC "OPERATION SLOW DAGGER" EXPOSED (Video Introduction): I'm going to expose "operation slow dagger" in my next post. This post is a pre-view or introduction, if you will. Operation slow dagger is a gang stalking procedure in which individuals who are marked as non conformist are followed and sabotaged everywhere they go. You could be a target of this organized gang stalking for your entire life and never realize it. That's how incredibly subtle the procedure is. The objective is to break the will of the target to do one of three things. 1) commit suicide 2) lash out irrationally and wind up in prison, or 3) get you to sell out to satan by conforming. If they can't achieve those objectives then they put a bounty on your head, and the gang stalking amplifies to such an extent that you will notice it sooner or later. This procedure goes as far as to even plant fake friends in your life to steer you wrong, and feed information back to their handlers regarding your activities. Don't fool yourself. You don't need to be a mover & shaker for this to happen to you. Witch craft is involved and they will target the most insignificant person based on if the targeted individual is a non conformist and goes against the current anti christ agenda in this country. Operation slow dagger is being implemented worldwide. Some experience it worse than others. You may be a target and not even know it, but I'm going to tell you information that will help you identify if you're a target or not. The worldwide masonic cult is spearheading this operation. I will end this pre view post with this one thing. There are NO COINCIDENCES in your life. Everything happens for a reason ESPECIALLY when you're a Christian trying to live for God. All those negative influences in your life were deliberately put there by satan through people who are masons. Whenever you're trying to live for God, there will always be an evil person there to drag you down at the right place, right time, every time. This is by design. Stay tuned. The full post will start off with what I typed here.


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