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Did Simone Biles Bail On Her US Olympic Teammates Over Her Mental Health or Was it a Manufactured Media Psyop?
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Published 3 months ago |
The Simone Biles Mental Health Olympic Story popped up out of the blue. I watched her horrible performance live on TV and saw her quit on her team. At first they (the media) were reporting that the 24 year old repeat Olympian injured her ankle and went off to the locker for further analysis, she came back from the locker room and the media (here in Canada, it was the CBC) that reported Biles injured her ankle and it was heavily taped when she came back and was questionable for the remainder of the team competition. After further time had passed, the media reported that Biles was not 'mentally' well and wanted to take some time off. Then later on in the day, we had Simone Biles report that she was not having fun and wanted to take time off for her own 'mental health'. The questions need to be asked. Did Simone Biles quit on her team because the pressure got to her in an elite athletic event and if so was it really do to her needing to take some time off for her own 'mental health'? The last question remains to be asked: Was the mainstream media wrong in handing her out praise for quitting on her team during a stressful Olympic team event?

MyKayla Skinner
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Simone Biles deserves ‘sympathy but not praise’: Andrew Bolt
SkyNews Australia

WOKE US Women’s Gymnastics Team Gets CRUSHED by RUSSIA!!!
Dr. Steve Turley;t=225s

Simone Biles SLAMMED as ‘Selfish Sociopath’, ‘National Embarrassment’!!!

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