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Right Here, Right Now: The Takedown of the Cabal's Evil Plan - Charlie Freak
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Published a year ago |
A RED PILL + discussion with Charlie Freak and Colleen. This Video represents Part Three of a Three-Part Series on the Q-Team's Takedown of the Cabal's Satanic Empire. Parts One and Two were done as Good Vibration Podcasts, #158 and #161, with the esteemed Mark Devlin (who will be posting this Part Three on his channel as well). Charlie and Colleen extensively break apart the fullness of the Cabal's evil plan to rule over us, by focusing upon the very elements of the Cabal that the Q Plan targeted and have now executed.

Therefore, this video covers the arrests of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, who were both actual agents of the Mossad for the Nation-State of Israel. The Video then reveals both of them as BUFFERS linked directly to the 13 Phoenician families who rule over us (THE BLACK NOBILITY). The video also reveals the last step in the Q Plan for the take down of the Cabal will be the removal of the Mossad from Israel. The last part of the video goes into Great detail with the New Silk Road from the FAR EAST to Europe, Starting in Wuhan, China, Running through the Cabal's New World Order Capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, and finally ending up in Venice, Italy.

The Video makes it clear that the New SILK is in actuality, Children, and in particular the Adrenochrome made from harvesting their precious glands...While the International conglomerate Walmart, was used to SHIP and Deliver the Adrenochrome, the Children's valuable Organs, as well as the Children's Body parts to virtually every Country across this vast Earth. As such, the Chinese government needed to Turn Wuhan (over 100 miles up stream from the coast), into a Port City allowing all of the Walmart (Maersk) container ships to safely load their cargo aboard sans observation. To achieve this, China built the World's Largest Dam, The Three Gorges DAM, which is now coming apart at the seams and flooding millions of Chinese people from their homes creating complete Chaos.

(Charlie's YouTube Channel: Freak Sense TV)

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