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13 Times BIDEN Proved He’s the Dictator, NOT Trump Glenn TV Ep 334
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Published 2 months ago

Glenn Beck

Feb 14, 2024

The noise from the Left has been nonstop for years about Trump being a dictator. An actual headline in the Washington Post read, “A Trump dictatorship is increasingly inevitable. We should stop pretending.” But who is the ACTUAL dictator in the 2024 race for the White House? Glenn makes the irrefutable case: fascism is already here under Biden. You may not recognize it because it’s been quietly growing thanks to a sneaky administrative state modeled after Woodrow Wilson's that does not (yet) resemble the brute force of a Hitler or Mussolini dictatorship. “You Will Own Nothing” author and Main Street advocate Carol Roth argues it’s not hyperbolic to call the Biden administration fascist. From COVID mandates, intentionally stoking inflation, killing the gig economy, and weaponizing the U.S dollar to freezing our energy output, Roth says the executive branch is trying to dictate every aspect of our lives down to what stove we use. But she also says we will continue to live under this administrative dictatorship unless the American people start to march on Washington to shame and threaten political power. Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who represents Indiana’s Fifth Congressional District, was born and raised in Ukraine under the old Soviet Union regime. She tells Glenn about the red flags she’s seeing that remind her of the authoritarianism that crushed her family, “What’s happening in D.C. is Karl Marx 101.” Instead of protecting citizens' rights, we’re taking them away in very clever ways through federal agencies like the EPA and DOJ. “You buy a Bible and a gun in the U.S., you’re labeled a domestic terrorist,” Spartz warns. “The same thing happened in the Soviet Union.”

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