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The Battle for UFO Transparency, with Terry Tibando - Part 2 of 3 - Q & A
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Part 2 of 3. These are notes created by the program, below.

    • The US made a breakthrough in electric robotics and anti-gravity in the mid-1950s, allowing them to fully understand and fly German aircraft.

UFO sightings and alleged German technology acquisition during WWII.

    • Speaker 2 discusses Operation Paperclip and the transfer of Nazi scientists to Canada after WWII.

    • Speaker 2 describes seeing a disc-shaped craft in a hangar in Multan, Pakistan in 1952, which later took off and landed again.

    • Speaker 2's father saw a similar craft in the 1950s, leading Speaker 2 to believe that the sighting was not a coincidence and may have been a test run of German technology.

UFO sightings and alien encounters in Quebec, Canada.

    • James and his brother found a Messerschmitt 163 Comet rocketplane outside a hangar and explored it, even opening the cockpit and playing with the joystick (1:41:57).

    • While on a walk with his younger brother, James saw a flying saucer hovering overhead, with a dark top and a lighter bottom (1:43:39).

    • Speaker 2 describes encountering ghostly beings in their home as a child, including a group of small, luminous creatures that looked like they were made of light.

    • Speaker 2's mother calms them down, telling them it's just a bad dream, but the beings continue to appear in the room.

UFO sightings and secret projects in Canada in the 1950s.

    • Child draws pictures of stars, planets, and rockets after experiencing paranormal activity in their room.

    • Avro Canada was working on a secret project in Georgetown, Ontario, similar to Skunk Works, with advanced saucer-shaped aircraft designs.

    • The project involved jet-powered saucers with hovering ability, and the British had a similar hovercraft project in the 1960s, but the Canadians were further ahead in their technology.

Historical UFO sightings and military knowledge.

    • Sailors on USS Roosevelt in 1952 photographed UFOs flying over naval ships.

    • David Felber and Ryan discuss the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and USS Midway aircraft carriers in 1952, contradicting military claims of ignorance about UFOs.

    • Speaker 2 claims scalar wave energy was used to shoot down UFOs, traveling at 1.5 times the speed of light.

UFOs, military technology, and presidential secrecy.

    • Speaker 2 claims to have identified the source of a Particle Beam weapon used to bring down UFOs in Australia.

    • Eisenhower warns of military-industrial complex's unchecked power in final speech.

Secret spacecraft designs and their capabilities.

    • Bob Lazar describes various UFO sightings and alleged US military projects, including the "pumpkin seed" and "Manta" craft.

    • Mark mccandlish describes a secret aircraft capable of faster-than-light travel with pilot seats, control mechanisms, and energy-based propulsion.

US military's secret space programs and extraterrestrial life.

    • John Leonard Wilson took high-powered telescope photos of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) during the daytime, providing visual evidence of US military's secret black space program.

    • Gary McKinnon believes these UFOs are part of a covert program, and their strange shapes and appendages suggest they are capable of electrical discharging and interplanetary warfare.

    • Speaker 2 describes a UFO sighting in the Azores Islands in 1991, with a witness describing a manmade object being loaded or unloaded from an aircraft.

    • Speaker 2 also mentions a similar sighting in California in 1976, with a robotic or cybernetic organism being observed, not a real life form.

    • Speaker 2 describes encountering a being that looked like a slab of rock, which they speculate may be a silicone life form.

    • Speaker 2 and others discuss the classification of various ETS types, including humanoids, robots, and non-human entities, and how they may be from different planets or dimensions.

UFOs, ETs, and their appearances.

    • ETs are seen and photographed during CE5 event in Texas, including a tall being 10-12 feet high.

    • Witness describes capturing an ET with a net in Brazil, with a dark black covering on its face.

    • The speaker discusses various forms of extraterrestrial life, including non-humanoid forms like blobs of protoplasm and giant brains with eyes in the middle.

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