Two Things You May Want to Improve on?
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Have you reached perfection yet, ya' I'm having a little trouble myself? Here are three things you may want to look into.

Music by send Rain

Walk Worthy; There should be no secret sin in your life? You know that pesky little sin that you have been dealing with for years and just can’t seem to defeat.


The Button, would you press it? The problem is your trying to defeat it in your own strength, You need to recognize the triggers and come up with a replacement.


Remember, people, places, things; If it’s a person delete them, if it’s a place don’t go there, if it’s a thing get rid of it?


Be Fruitful; Jesus should be brought up in every conversation you have, The JW Ladies, The “Prove The Bible is true, There is no Hell” dude on Facebook?


The “We are living in the end times” is the best witnessing subject of all time?


Increasing in the knowledge of God; Every Born-Again Believer should be in their Bible everyday without exception. A Lady just told me the other day “I can’t find my Bible”, That’s sad isn’t?


We live in an age where so much good Bible teaching is right at our finger tips, YouTube, Books, etc.


Charles Lawson, He touches on every subject, CERN, Nephilim, etc.

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