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Bill Trikos : The Phenomenon of Nicolai Levashov 2012 01 28 /03 Question ? It is believed that in Russia today, societal tension is being created artificially. English subtitles
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Bill Trikos
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Bill Trikos : The Phenomenon of Nicolai Levashov 2012 01 28 /03 Question ? It is believed that in Russia today, societal tension is being created artificially. English subtitles

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Question: It is believed that in Russia today, societal tension is being created artificially and deliberately which after 4 March will likely to grow into chaos. Officials will run to Sochi and to the west.   Answer: Well, why run away from Russia? NATO troops will be called in, so to speak, and the future head of state  will be Matvienko. Well, I don’t know anything in relation to Matvienko, so I won’t comment. As regards to the previous questions,  as you know, the situation has been made increasingly tense for some time. And on 10 December a lot of things were attempted, and on the 24th they tried to use people. On10th was the rally against the Duma elections. Remember? And people were outraged. It was only some those protesting who had not been paid to do what they were doing. They were tricked, and then they protested. But others, the majority, were those who really found out, and protested. But, the question is, was anything different in the past? It’s just that when there is a deliberate leak of information, what does this tell you? Who benefits? Here are the ones who benefit, and who create the environment which was planned to be done on October 10 and then on the 24th, about the same as it was in October 1993. Remember? The bombardment of the parliament. That is, they were planning a slaughter, and it for this came that on the 10th a number of specialists arrived from Israel, 200 people. They flew in and flew out, and not one person was killed. But it was intended to kill very many, to create a precedent, to stir up a civil war, the beginning of protests and uprising. And indeed, there is a signed order, a contract, that in case of ""threats to democracy"" in Russia, NATO forces can be called in without anything. That is, as soon as something occurs, they will appear immediately, in an instant, here they are! Will something like this be needed? They were there in 2010, when that heat wave was created, remember? The same thing, there it was not only a ""threat to democracy"" but also an ecological disaster. Because if we consider everything that’s happened in just a few years, which people, in principle, know almost nothing about, about what really happened, and what did not happen, because for some people it makes no difference, and then there are people who can’t even imagine such things . You know, for many people the hair on their heads would stand up if they knew about the sorts of despicable acts that are being prepared and continue to be cooked up. But, thinking about what is currently being prepared, about the next abominations, it all adds turns out to be the same thing that was done before. I hope so, and I hope that they are already in despair. Because all the methods that worked before, don’t work now for some reason. Do you remember, how they began - the satellite didn’t not fly before the 24th of December? Not only this, but other things too. And do you remember the announcement? That it was an unknown radiation?  It wasn’t me who announced that. Well, of course, for them it is the unknown. Because in this satellite there wasn’t only that which was talked about, as in the previous ones, as it turns out, a tonne of extra weight, or more precisely, a tonne of extra fuel on the carrier rocket. Sorry, but who would pump in an extra tonne of fuel, if there is no weight, if necessary, so that this extra tonne could be carried, right? It’s just that they tell us only a part. What do you think?  What is being hidden behind the things that are not mentioned? Well, they themselves are fools.  Why talk, when they advertise that there was an extra tonne of fuel? This means that our space centre is a complete idiot. Who would pump in an extra tonne of fuel which is impossible to use in any case. Because the stage will be dropped at a certain height, and this excess tonne will fall and burn, and can create a problem. An excess tonne. Each kilogram is calculated in accordance with the usefulness of the payload which the carrier has to put into orbit. This, I think, is clear to any school child. And so it is here.

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