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Cayenne Pepper: King Of Spices with HUNDREDS of Health Benefits
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Sacred Serpent
Published a year ago |
In this video I continue to discuss a favorite spice of mine: Cayenne pepper. To this day cayenne remains as one of my absolute favorite spices, and tools for remaining healthy. After reading a book called Left For Dead by Richard Quinn, I set out on an adventure to start taking cayenne pepper daily for my health. At first I was skeptical, but after my first shot of cayenne pepper water - I was hooked. Everything just felt better after taking cayenne. I felt stronger, healthier, and as if I had done something very good for my heart. Cayenne is a heart spice. It aids in circulation and helps unclog blockages within the circulatory system. After almost 10 years of experimenting with cayenne, I am still just as hooked as I was when I started.

I often get asked if I take cayenne daily. I do not. I will however, take it daily in structured intervals.For instance, there may be a 3 month period where I take it daily in water, but I will eventually taper off of it and stop for a while before starting back up again. I do however, eat cayenne pepper almost everyday. I will sprinkle some on pretty much all foods that I eat unless they are sweet.

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