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History Repeats; Evil Uses Same Old LIES, Methods & Occult Symbols (p1)
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GT Awakening
Published 11 days ago |
This video is an introduction to my newest 'series', exposing how the adversary and his 'minions' have historically used lies and deceptions to purportedly do or stand for one thing (or things), yet the reality shows or showed the exact opposite.

Right now, there are a lot of events and agendas/narratives being promoted by the adversary and his cohort, especially by and through the power of the traitorous collaborators in shadowy corporate, NGO &/or governmental institutions, with the influential support of the bought-&-paid-for media. Historically, they tended to weave the same sort of lies and deceptions that they are now pushing, under disguise, using the same false promises and trying to show themselves as 'good' (or having 'good' intent); masquerading as 'ministers of light' ... (see: [2Co 11:15 KJV] 15 Therefore [it is] no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.)

They are NOT doing or promoting 'good'; neither are the things they say or the things they project even remotely true or good. The adversary and the minions of iniquity only come to kill, steal and destroy, and they do so by deception and stealth, &/or through their occulted LIES and machinations. In general, as with the liars in power now, what they say and do are typically OPPOSITE that what they appear to be or want or represent (they are LIARS).

I went down some deep rabbit-holes in search of Truth, and ended up revealing or discovering something which does or may have more relevance, as it pertains to current &/or ongoing events. Many if not all of my previous videos and topics seemingly 'connect' to what I will be discussing. As you are led, please join me in developing and connecting a whole lot of 'dots' connecting motives and M.O.s of the evil ones and their minions, from the distant past and onwards into the future...
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