French Ambulance Man And Nurses Alert Massive Increase In Deaths Following The Shot
1805 views • 05/30/2021
Cases of stroke following vaccination are skyrocketing !

Here is a Ambulance man working in Lyon, the 2nd most populated city in France, with 1.4 million inhabitants. His job is to rescue people in need and send them to ER if needed, so he does not diagnose the cause of reported symptoms. However, he noticed a pattern : he has been intervening on lots of cases of stroke lately, and the victims ALL happened to have been vaccinated up to 2 weeks before the stroke. He reports that the nurse, and all the medical staff at the hospital he works with, confirmed cases of severe stroke following the vaccination have skyrocketed, and that there is a very probable causation link.

Doctors and nurses report this to their authorities, but it falls on deaf ears.

This Ambulance Man says he was in tears, he feels very affected by what he's been witnessing, because his job is to help people, and his own people is the target here. And he understands what's going on.

What's going on is what many of us have understood long ago : these vaccines have nothing to do with public health, they are meant to euthanize you !

His video was initially shared on Twitter. It was deleted by Twitter, because it violated Twitter's guidelines. Probably because it sounded too much like hate speech. Apparently YouTube also deleted the video.
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