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You never knew THIS was the (fixable) root of your problems...BY DANA ASHLIE
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Dana Ashlie
Published 2 years ago |
Published on Jan 18, 2020

Creating this piece taught me that my life has been impacted way more than I even knew possible from this heinous practice that is still going on all over the world. My desire is to bring knowledge to this issue, so that people can feel and function as our Father in Heaven designed us to!

The name of the clinic is American BioDental. It is located 10 minutes from the US border inside the Grand Hotel. The clinic even made my reservations to stay overnight (bc the dental work took 2 days) Let’s just say, I’ve not stayed in a crummy motel 6 in CA for the price of this amazing hotel and spa.

Ask for Javier and he can answer any questions you may have about your SAFE amalgam removal process. Be sure to tell him that Dana sent you. :) Sometimes they’re quite busy so give them a day to get back to you, they can arrange for your pickup at the airport or send a cab to get you at the CA border.
1(877) 207-0824

As for those who feel moved to financially support this YouTube video work via your donations, HALLELUJAH!
To donate via PayPal, put the following into your browser bar:

or reach me old school:
Dana A
PO Box 3324
Blue Jay, CA 92317

Email: [email protected]
New! Proton mail: [email protected]

If YOU feel you may have mercury accumulation and want to find out for sure, Dr Larry Wilson hair mineral analysis is great, find local practitioners list here:
Unedited Testimonies of Victims of Mer-cury Exposure from Dental Amalgams:

-Stephanie Adamson speaking before the Eff-D-A
-Diane Jones Testimonial
-3rd Testimonial re. Depression gone after removal of fillings
-Stacey Case - Testimony to FDA
-Clip of Phd. Dr. Hayes from the documentary produced by Power Lunch Production's “Mercury Undercover”

Must HAVE minerals (that replace metals):
Lugol's Solution 5% protects against radiation & so much more:
Topical Magnesium
Organic plant based mineral concentrate:
Chlorophyl w/ amazing taste:

OTHER ways I remove metals to stay healthy.

1. I keep metals and poisons flowing OUT (more than in) by using a very effective, portable, in-fared sauna. Sweating is GOD’s natural plan to help us keep on top of these toxins, but many of us never sweat. It also is like a cardio work-out because your heart rate DOES increase significantly during a session.

This particular FAR infrared sauna (uses a special microprocessor with a specific beneficial IN-FARED fre-quency that allows maximum de-tox within a fraction of the time.) I find this one very effective! Discount code for my subscribers just put "DANA" in coupon code box for $100.00 off. Click this link to learn more:

2. Another device with incredible history regarding METAL detox:
Best of all, this company has excellent (very personal) customer service and enjoys speaking with people to make sure it’s right for you. Anyone coming to them that says "Dana Ashlie sent you" will receive a small discount. Call them at 1-877-225-3388 ask for KellyAnn, she will thoroughly answer any questions you have.

For optimum health, I HIGHLY recommend REMOVING microwave frequencies from your home. Wifi, cordless phones, wireless devices etc. Good news! You can use your phone for INTERNET with the CELL/Bluetooth Wifi OFF (airplane mode ON) by connecting these adapters to an ETHERNET cable (from your router).

For androids with usb-c:
Iphone / Ipad:

Other RF protection gear:
Sperm are hugely effected by microwave frequencies.
Men! protect your genetic offspring by wearing these!
RF Meters to check your own microwave/RF/EMF levels at home: - RF Meters
Shielded clothing to protect from RF:
Shielding Bedding to block RF:
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