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Anthony Patch
Published 2 months ago |
On the 23rd September 2017 was the Revelation 12 Sign above Israel.

According to scripture for 1260 days the women is nourished in the wilderness.

1260 days from September 23rd 2017 is March 6th 2021.

This will then initiate the 42 month reign of the antichrist, the 10 Kings, beast system, abomination that causes desolation, the implementation of the mark changing the host DNA and permanently removing the host from the lambs book of life. The host will no longer be creation of the Most High, the Host will be changed in to a chimera, a genetically modified organism who then can even be patented. i.e (owned) and the hosts soul condemned to the lake of fire.

This time line falls inline PERFECTLY according to scripture, the great signs in the heavens are are there, the season of the antichrist is rapidly approaching.

The One World Currency - 'Diem' formally know as Libra is launching supposedly in January.

The enemy is accelerating at warp speed as he know he only has but a short time.

Here I am laying out what the Lord has revealed regards the [email protected] of the [email protected]

Everything I have written here is backed up by scripture.

I will edit and update this description as I go on.

Please visit

For 4 years of research on most of everything discussed here please visit Anthony's website for comprehensive breakdown to the quantum level. Literally.

God bless

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