8 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects Naturally
540 views • 09/19/2019
No one likes mosquitoes, but not everyone likes using store-bought products, which often contain harmful chemicals. Fortunately, there are a number of plants you can add to your garden and yard to naturally and safely repel mosquitoes. Continue Watching to learn about the many ways in which plants can be used to keep mosquitoes away from your living environment.

1.Grow catnip in your yard if you don't mind cats.
Some people find that catnip is even better at repelling mosquitoes than chemicals. Best of all, catnip is safe. It can even be grown next to plants that typically attract mosquitoes as a deterrent. However, keep in mind catnip will attract cats into your yard.

2.Lemon Balm.
The green leaves of lemon balm have the scent of lemon with a hint of mint, which should be no surprise as it’s a member of the mint family. Not only does it offer lots in the way of healing properties, it’s known for warding off mosquitoes while also attracting important pollinators like butterflies and bees.

While citronella candles are often laden with chemicals, the citronella plant can be grown in your garden for mosquito control. The plant carries the fragrance of citronella in its foliage, and when a leaf is crushed and rubbed onto the skin, the aroma is very pleasant, yet it helps to naturally repel those mosquitoes.

As one of the most pungent of herbs, basil makes an outstanding natural mosquito repellent, giving off a scent without the leaves having to be crushed or touched. Plus, basil can be used in a wide range of dishes and for a variety of reasons.

Most of us love the smell of lavender, but few realize that it not only offers that fabulous scent, and helps promote a relaxing, calming sensation, but it can keep those tiny invaders from ruining your outdoor dinner party. The pleasant aroma of lavender is offensive to mosquitoes and is best harnessed by planting it in the garden, or in pots situated near doors, windows and entertainment areas.

While eating garlic-filled foods won’t repel mosquitoes growing garlic can do the trick. Planting it not only helps to deter the nasty rascals, but you’ll have your own supply of vampire repellent if you believe in that sort of thing anyway. Simply add some garlic to your vegetable garden or flowerbed.
Scented geraniums are yet another popular mosquito repelling plant recommended by countless gardeners. The lemon scented type of geranium is most effective, as it’s similar to citronella, which as mentioned previously, is one of the best for keeping the pests away. Geraniums also have especially gorgeous blooms that can make for an incredibly attractive decorative piece.

This gorgeous flowering plant is most commonly used to flavor dishes, but it can also serve as an outstanding mosquito repellent amongst a number of other fantastic uses. You can keep it indoors or out, just be sure it gets full sun.

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