Emanuel Pastreich: COVID-19 Was a Global Coup by Private Finance, IT, & Intelligence Complexes
157 views • 12/10/2022

Emanuel Pastreich discusses the ills of U.S. Empire, the sham of American elections, and how academia has been utterly corrupted. In reality, politics is determined via false flag operations which cause mass trauma (e.g. 9/11). The goal of Operation COVID-19 was the totalitarian takeover of local and central governments around the world by the power elite, IT companies, and private intelligence firms. The technocrats have been learning how to modify behavior through experiments at DARPA, RAND, and Guantanamo Bay. Israel was the pioneer in developing these technologies for social control. He explains how nations states seem to have conflicts while simultaneously cooperating symbiotically via multinational corporations. Finally, he talks solutions.

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About Emanuel Pastreich

In the midst of the 2020 presidential campaign, muddied by hype and poisoned by corruption, a single candidate stepped forward to limn with unwavering scientific accuracy the decay that has crept over our society. Emanuel Pastreich declared in February, 2020, that only an independent candidate can serve as president in light of the collapse of political parties into warring crime syndicates. He presents us with a concrete plan to transform our nation in a series of eloquent speeches that assume we are citizens capable of action, not passive consumers.

Pastreich is the sole presidential candidate who speaks the truth and who demands long-term strategies for the real dangers we face. He continues his campaign for president to this moment and asks for your support so that he can protect you and defend you, regardless of the personal sacrifice involved.

Pastreich refuses to pin the blame on any one person, or group, for the moral decay, the degeneration of institutions and values in the United States, in international institutions and around the world. He suggests, rather that we return to the spirit of the Constitution and, like George Washington, Frederick Douglass or Abraham Lincoln, like Eugene Debs, Franklin D. Roosevelt, or John F. Kennedy, discover the ethical foundations for good governance that have been buried in a shallow grave by public relations firms, investment banks, and legions of politicians and self-appointed experts.

Pastreich published a book of his speeches as candidate for president entitled “I Shall Fear No Evil” that makes his position transparent and compelling. Over

the last year, Pastreich has given speeches, met with fellow Americans, especially those who are suffering the consequences of the profound moral rot in our country commonly labeled as “COVID19,” and presented a vision that is both inspiring and concrete.

With your input, with your help, he started to map out a positive direction for the United States, a future in which we move away from the dangerous culture of consumption, extraction and endless war that has infected the nation like a horrific virus and that has been amplified in our culture by the cunning tricks of dangerous parasites.

*Podcast intro music is from the song "The Queens Jig" by "Musicke & Mirth" from their album "Music for Two Lyra Viols": (available on iTunes or Amazon)

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