PCR test scandal: Hyperinflated test results created unwarranted fear | Nurse Gail McCrae #PCRDemic
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Nurse Gail McCrae explains the COVID PCR test scandal:

1. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR technology, has explained that the technology is merely an amplification system for specific genetic fragments. It is NOT a valid diagnostic test. Prof. Christian Drosten, the ‘inventor’ of the COVID PCR test, had also said the latter unambiguously around 2013.

2. Positive test results were counted without requiring people to also have symptoms

3. The cycle thresholds of the tests were set so absurdly high that the tests were hyper oversensitive, with at least 95% false positives. Would you want a fire detector were at least 95% of the alarms were false?

4. When people were tested multiple times in a very short period of time, any positive test results were not bundled but presented as individual cases. If the same person tested positive 3 times in 2 days for example, it was reported as if 3 separate people tested positive.

Note that none of the above points are new or controversial. Until proven otherwise, we should assume that all these choices were made maliciously, for example for fear mongering purposes in order to gain compliance and increase vaccine uptake.

In addition to the above, there were way more tricks such as:

5. Testing low/no risk population.

6. When presenting statistics on hospitalized ‘COVID’ patients, implying that all patients are in hospital for COVID, while many are in there for some a reason unrelated to any respiratory disease.

7. Strategically increasing the amount of daily tests or test sensitivity to create fear and increase appetite for jab, or decrease amount of daily tests or test sensitivity to give impression that jab is working.

8. Change which groups need to be tested, for example only the unvaxxed. “Only the unvaxxed are testing positive! We have a pandemic of the unvaxxed!”

9. Implying that ‘COVID deaths’ died *of* COVID instead of merely *with* a positive hyper oversensitive test or merely a suspicion.


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