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Published 2 years ago
Clip from the Evan J Livestream 6/15/21. NME article on Eric Clapton's interview contains "innocuous propaganda" that needs to be eviscerated. I show you how.

** F Bomb alert! I drop quite a few F bombs when I get worked up. No apologies as I’m giving you the raw and real Evan J here, but if you’re hyper sensitive to F bombs consider yourself forewarned.

I come down pretty hard in this video on the NME journalist who inserted propaganda into his article. My criticism is professional, not meant to be personal.

Same with the MD who had a miscarriage 2 days after getting the covid vax, yet STILL denying the propaganda she was serving up about the vaccines being protection for her family. In her case, the vaccines she was so gleefully promoting only ended up killing her own baby. My heart goes out to her and her family but I had to speak truth to that situation as well.

People who actively serve up the propaganda to their social media audience and then suffer the consequences of their own stupid and gullible decision making, I'm at a loss. I feel sorry for these people, and yet, they do it to themselves. The problem is with the MDs dishing up the propaganda: people actually listen to them, and it is harming others and needs to stop. That is why I came down so hard on this poor woman. My heart hurts for her loss, and even more for the fact that it was yet another unnecessary loss from these shots.

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Today is the first day I edited clips from the full show.

Ideally, I'd love to be posting everything here but I'm already out of time (time to start prepping tomorrow's show) so for now I'm going to post clips here when I have them, and continue posting the full shows to Rumble.
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