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Maneuvering through the BS & minutiae | YouTube LIve Nov 3d, 2022
Published a year ago

This is a special live stream featuring a message from Samantha or Sammie. The stars Arcturus, Sirius B, and Sirius C were present and Sirius A in the background. Sammie transmitted this message as her Pleiadian aspect which had a closer perspective to the earth at this time. Her message emphasized we are to continue our connection to our soul in order to co-create the new earth as our soul self. It is as soul we will know what to create. What wants to arise is already in our soul, and the connection to soul through the pelvis will stimulate each to take action for the planet and humanity. In this way, Unity Consciousness is created and there is wholeness and oneness in balance. Also, many false flag information is planted to keep you confused. The "decepticons" are very good at controlling the mental bodies of humanity and continue to stimulate many down confusing paths. Surrender to the truth of your soul and anyone in the physical or etheric telling you to surrender to them, is manipulating you.

Recording from YouTube Live, Nov 3d, 2022 |

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